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Singing Project

By the end of 2010, the Fundación Postgrado de Congreso, through the Universidad de Congreso (University of Congress; UC), started the Singing Project, directed by Verónica Cangemi, the internationally prestigious soprano from Mendoza, Argentina. Its activities began in March 2011 and are still ongoing.

The program is aimed at those who wish to enter the world of lyrical singing. The UC has a first-level teaching staff, which involves speech & language therapists (phonoaudiologists), language teachers, history teachers, specialists in singing and voice management, and others who complement the education of the students.

The applicants are auditioned and selected to form a group in which each one will have the personalized dedication of the professionals.

The UC has a scholarship fund for students with financial difficulties selected for the program.

Through this Program, Veronica Cangemi, carries out additional activities such as Master Classes, presentations in theaters, cultural centers and others, together with her students, in order to reach the public and present the quality of the work being done. Within these activities, we can mention: presentation at the Teatro Independencia in Mendoza, Julio Le Parc art space, municipal spaces, among others.

A presentation made in November 2011 deserves a special mention: the Orquesta Barroca Argentina (Argentine Baroque Orchestra) and Verónica Cangemi in several important cities of Argentina (Mendoza, Rosario, La Plata) and the famous Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires.

At present, the program has 12 students, 6 of them on scholarship, and they perform in locations in the province of Mendoza.


Disco Vidala

Disco “ VIDALA”, awarded by CAPIF (Argentine Chamber of Phonogram and Videogram Producers) with the “Premio Gardel” (Gardel Award) to the Best New Folk Artist Album. In addition, the album participated in two other important  nominations (list of three): Best Album of the Year (Golden Gardel) and Best Song of the Year


Orquesta Barroca Argentina

The ORQUESTA BARROCA ARGENTINA (Argentine Baroque Orchestra; OBA) is constituted thanks to the dream of the lyric singer Verónica Cangemi that wanted Argentina to have an orchestra of international projection, representing the country, with the possibility of offering concerts in the best halls of the world.

The OBA is made up of top-level Argentine musicians who are part of other national and international renowned ensembles, such as Ars Antiqua (Austria), Collegium Musicum Den Haag (Netherlands), Philharmonic Orchestra of the Province of Mendoza (Argentina), Les Cyclopes (France), Florilegium early music ensemble (England), Baroque Orchestra from Suquía (Argentina), Fretwork (England), Hannoversche Hofkapelle (Germany), Hilliard Ensemble (England), Il Giardino Armonico (Italy), Les Muffatti (Belgium) and Musica Antiqua Köln (Germany).

Grupo América


Nestor Kirchner, The Movie

Description for Nestor Kirchner movie

Documentary, Sino-Argentine co-production


Cerca y Lejos

“Cerca y Lejos” (Near and Far) is a co-production of a TV-documentary series on the social and cultural interaction between China and Argentina, by Integra Cultural Industries and CCTV.

This is the first co-production of its kind. In this project, professionals from both countries worked together

Documentary, Sino-Argentine co-production


Dubbing into Spanish of “Nirvana in Fire”


Integra Cultural Industries dubbed into Spanish the historical-dramatic series “Nirvana in Fire” (琅琊榜), based on the homonymous novel by Hai Yan.