Integra Cultural Industries


Institute of The Americas

For over 35 years, the Institute of the Americas (IOA) has promoted public policies and fostered cooperation between public and private sectors across the hemisphere.

It build bridges across the Americas — linking business leaders, policymakers, teachers, and students to advance education, share ideas, and facilitate opportunities. The IOA helps to understand innovation in core sectors, such as energy & sustainability, STEAM education, and life sciences & biotech.

Dr Manzano, president of Integra, is a member of the Institute’s Board and the Energy Steering Committee. In 2019 and 2020, he has participated as a Speaker at the annual IOA Energy event in La Jolla, California.

Integra sponsors several IOA activities, including regional energy events in Latin America (Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina). In 2019, Integra supported the first IOA Energy event in Europe held in Madrid, and is a sponsor of the La Jolla Energy Conference. In 2020, Integra also cooperated with the IOA’s STEAM educational program in Argentina.